Good News for Medical Professionals in 2023

Doctors Clinic System Now Ready

An affordable clinic management software is now available from GigzPh IT Solutions. It can run a single clinic as well as multiple clinic locations.

The Doctors Clinic System is a piece of software that is very useful for a clinic business and medical practice. The clinic software features online and traditional appointment management, patient records, lab results management, prescription management, invoicing and payments. It also has medicine and pharmacy inventory system. Built-in users like doctor, nurse, receptionist, pathologist and accountant are available.

CDO Schools Plan To Go Digital in 2022

Schools in Cagayan de Oro Aim To Upgrade

Schools in Cagayan de Oro are about to adopt the GigzPh School Management System.

The School Management System is a piece of software that is very useful for a school business and educational institutions. It is a school software with many useful features. The software takes care of student admission to student promotion, from fees collection to exam results. It is an integrated software solution for most school processes.

It has front-end website where users can login. New users can also apply for enrollment online. Administration can process applicants and enroll them with a few clicks.

It automates fees computation and collection. Exam module, HR and Payroll, Student Certificates. Parents can monitor student performance through parents’ dashboard.

Business Reality for 2021

Your Store Needs Ecommerce + POS system to Survive

The next generation of young, savvy businessmen are already here, armed with the power of technology. Suddenly their single-branch store can serve the whole of Mindanao through the power of website e-commerce.

What about you, the business veterans who are used to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores? If you haven’t embraced online technology, this is a fatal weakness.

We understand it is difficult to change. But that is why we are here–to make it easy and cost-efficient for you, to turn your weakness into a business strength.

Our software technology does not make your physical store irrelevant–it actually complements your physical store. Imagine having a store that can serve many cities and municipalities and still keep the inventory in one place–it’s a powerful business model!

Our Softwares

Our softwares, such as POS Inventory Ecommerce, School Management, Project Management, are all web-based and can run online OR on local area network (LAN). We take care and maintain the system and servers as well.

And More!