Business Reality for 2021

Your Store Needs Ecommerce + POS system to Survive

The next generation of young, savvy businessmen are already here, armed with the power of technology. Suddenly their single-branch store can serve the whole of Mindanao through the power of website e-commerce.

What about you, the business veterans who are used to the traditional brick-and-mortar stores? If you haven’t embraced online technology, this is a fatal weakness.

We understand it is difficult to change. But that is why we are here–to make it easy and cost-efficient for you, to turn your weakness into a business strength.

Our software technology does not make your physical store irrelevant–it actually complements your physical store. Imagine having a store that can serve many cities and municipalities and still keep the inventory in one place–it’s a powerful business model!

How POS+Ecommerce Works

POS+Ecommerce has 2 components: POS (Point of Sale) system and Online Store.

A POS (Point of Sale) system is a piece of software that runs on a tab/computer/laptop and acts like a cash register that you can use in your physical store. It records inventory, purchases, accounts payable, accounts receivable.

An Online Store is an e-commerce website for your business. An e-commerce website is like Ebay or Lazada where customers can order using their computers or cellphones without visiting your physical store.

The POS component and the Online Store component are connected to each other and share inventory data.

With a POS + e-commerce website, you will reach more customers without building a new branch, without hiring an additional employee. Automatically generate financial reports like Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable as well.

Ecommerce + POS System Made Simple