Clinic Management System

The Clinic Management System is a convenient electronic medical records (EMR) software system to manage and maintain patient records for doctor’s clinic, laboratory & diagnostic center, dental clinic and health centers. It allows easy bookkeeping and auditing with one-click transaction logs and cash reports.

Features include Patient Medical History, Patient Medical Files Archive, Prescription Management, Patient Payment History. It also has Pharmacy Inventory, Appointment Management, Schedule Management, Financial Reporting, Notifications module. Record lab test results, print prescriptions and invoices. Public can make appointment requests through front-end website.


Patient Management

You can create, edit and delete patients. Can manage patient’s case history, documents, payments, appointments, presriptions, medical certificates and lab test results.

Take pictures with your mobile phone or desktop cam as you add new patients on the fly.

Request viewing access to other doctors’ patient records. Be able to share medical histories for a holistic approach to patient management.

Pharmacy Module

Manage pharmacy sales and expenses as well as inventory.

Add medicine, medicine categories and set medicine stock alerts. The software will also notify you of expiring medicines.

Appointment Management

Keep track of patient appointments. Patients can request appointment through online with the front-facing website. Calendar system allows visual reference of clinic schedule on daily, weekly or monthly basis. See upcoming appointments as well as today’s appointments.

Create invoices from appointments. Create doctor services and time slots.

Prescription Management

Create, edit, print, download prescriptions. Be able to clone recurring prescriptions.

Lab Results Management

Add templates for any lab results like CBC. Create, edit, download, print lab results for patients.

Upload documents like waivers, scanned lab results, images and pdf files.

Financial Activities

Manage payments, expenses, invoices, due payments, daily, monthly, yearly and date to date reports from this module.

Payment systems include Paypal, Cash and GCash.

Add medical procedures and their cost to billing invoice.

User Management

This is the module where you can add clinic staff like Nurses, Accountants, Receptionists, Pharmacists and Lab Technicians. All those staff can login to the system with their built-in specific access permission. Only nurses, doctors and admin have access to patient records.

Financial Reports

Financial reports allow easier auditing and bookkeeping. See Doctor earnings, Daily cash positions of staff, patient payments, invoices.

Instead of wading through tons of paperwork, the software will show you the financial activities of all users.


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Clinic Management System Q&A

P178,880 one time setup fee. Monthly retainer service fee is optional.

We are based in Cagayan de Oro. But our work is remote in nature, so we can still serve customers all around the Philippines. Support can be done through email/phone, or you can request for a site visit.

Each user will need a computer with a browser like Firefox or Chrome to use the software.

Yes, if you want the system to be available to you and other users from anywhere.

If you don’t have an IT (Information Technology) employee, we suggest you avail of monthly retainer service of P4,888 per month (per 10 staff). This covers server hosting cost, data back-up and routine maintenance. If you have your own IT employee who can run your own Maintenance Management System server, then you don’t need us to maintain your system.


Absolutely yes. Through phone, chat, text, email. If you want us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Two weeks. This can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. Once the setup is finished, we will give you access name and password and you can login using your computer or tablet.

Installing the system can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. But if you prefer us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Yes, we implement secure industry standard practices like SSL encryption, firewalls, and strong password authentication to name a few. Back-ups are taken on a weekly or daily basis as well. Back-ups can be restored in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely yes.

Training is provided through online tutorial and manual. If you can type and hold a computer mouse, you can do it.

Yes, we can customize the Doctors Clinic System for you for an additional cost.