Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management System is a piece of software that is very useful for a hospital business and doctors’ clinic. It is a hospital software with many useful features. The software takes care of in patient as well as out patient reception, lab reports, operating room management, bed management, staff attendance and payroll, pharmacy inventory, blood bank, financial reports. It can have multiple users/cashiers/nurse/doctor.


Inpatient Module

Quickly add patient for admission to the hospital. Record patient information, medical history, attending doctor, and billing.

Outpatient Module

Outpatient module is available. Records patient information, attending doctor, and consultation history.

Patients can book appointments on the front-facing website.

Bed, Ward, Floor Management

Check bed status visually. Gives a bird’s eye view of the bed, ward and floor information. Shows vacant beds and patient names on specific beds.

Pharmacy Inventory

Manage pharmacy inventory. Add medicine and medical supplies, supplier name, quantity, price.

Manage blood bank inventory.

Human Resource & Payroll

Manage staff, attendance and payroll. Streamline your human resource operation. Manage leaves, record staff information.

Assign doctors to patients.

Pathology & Radiology Management

Manage laboratory tests for patients. Create lab tests, categories, prices. Automatically add to patient billing.

Lab results accessible to attending doctor, and patient.

Billing System & Reports

Enjoy automated billing system and online payments. Keep track of income and expenses easily.

Generate many types of reports quickly, more than two dozen reports.

Hospital Software Features

Our hospital software has many practical features that make hospital management so much easier.


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Hospital Management System Q&A

P428,880 one time setup fee. Monthly retainer service fee is optional.

We are based in Cagayan de Oro. But our work is remote in nature, so we can still serve customers all around the Philippines. Support can be done through email/phone, or you can request for a site visit.

Each user will need a computer with a browser like Firefox or Chrome to use the software.

Yes, if you want the system to be available to you and other users from anywhere.

If you don’t have an IT (Information Technology) employee, we suggest you avail of monthly retainer service of P28,880 per month (per 100 staff users). This covers website server hosting cost, data back-up and routine maintenance. If you have your own IT employee who can run your own hospital management system server, then you don’t need us to maintain your system.

Of course you can.

Absolutely yes. Through phone, chat, text, email. If you want us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

One month. This can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. Once the setup is finished, we will give you access name and password and you can login using your computer or tablet.

Installing the system can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. But if you prefer us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Yes, as safe and secure as any professional hospital management system. Back-ups are taken on a weekly or daily basis as well. Back-ups can be restored in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely yes.

Training is provided through online tutorial and manual. If you can type and hold a computer mouse, you can do it.

Yes, we can customize the hospital software for you for an additional cost.