HR + Payroll System

The Human Resource Information System + Payroll is a piece of software that automates many aspects of human resource management including payroll. In addition, most personnel transactions can be done paperless.

It generates payslips and calculates salary components including loan deductions, commissions, etc. Record leaves, attendance, and timesheets. Recruitment management and employee appraisal system is made easier.

Enable communication with chat and text module, management of zoom meetings, document management and information management for employees. A ticket system also facilitates communication and solution of problems.


Payroll Management

Generate your own payroll. Include deductions and other salary components. You can edit the components of the payslip by adding Allowance, Commission, Overtime, Miscellaneous Payments and deducting the amount for Loan.

Employees can access their payslips through mobile and desktop. No need to print on paper.

Employee Records Management

Maintain a record of an employee’s personal, company, and bank details along with their essential documentation. Employees can view and manage their own profiles.

Set salaries and salary type (monthly, hourly, weekly).

Attendance and Leave Management

You can create, edit, and delete timesheets and attendance. Manage leave requests and approvals. Customize different types of leaves.

Manually adding and updating the clock-in and clock-out timings of one employee and more than one employee can be easily done with the help of the Bulk Attendance Module.

Appraisals, Training, Meetings

Manage employees’ training and performance appraisals.

The Zoom Integration provides a platform where you can create zoom meetings.

Chat, Texts & Ticket System

Improve communication with chats and text integration. The Twilio Integration for receiving text messages is a very handy and convenient feature.

Send and receive important messages with utmost ease. Solve problems with the built-in ticket system.

Recruitment Module

Manage job creation, job postings, job applications, on-boarding.

Create interview questions and schedule.

HR + Payroll System

Our HRM Payroll system has many practical features that make human resource management so much easier.

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF Human Resource Management!

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HR + Payroll System Q&A

P128,880 one time setup fee. Monthly retainer service fee is optional.

We are based in Cagayan de Oro. But our work is remote in nature, so we can still serve customers all around the Philippines. Support can be done through email/phone, or you can request for a site visit.

Each user will need a computer with a browser like Firefox or Chrome to use the software.

Yes, if you want the system to be available to you and other users from anywhere.

If you don’t have an IT (Information Technology) employee, we suggest you avail of monthly retainer service of P14,888 per month (per 100 employees). This covers server hosting cost, data back-up and routine maintenance. If you have your own IT employee who can run your own HRM Payroll System server, then you don’t need us to maintain your system.


Absolutely yes. Through phone, chat, text, email. If you want us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Two weeks. This can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. Once the setup is finished, we will give you access name and password and you can login using your computer or tablet.

Installing the system can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. But if you prefer us to visit your office, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Yes, as safe and secure as any professional HRM Payroll System. Back-ups are taken on a weekly or daily basis as well. Back-ups can be restored in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely yes.

Training is provided through online tutorial and manual. If you can type and hold a computer mouse, you can do it.

Yes, we can customize the HRM Payroll System for you for an additional cost.