POS + Ecommerce

The POS + Ecommerce system is a piece of software that is very useful for a trading type (buy and sell) business like hardware, grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, supermarket and spare parts store. It is a trading business software with many useful features from purchasing, warehousing, retailing to reporting.

The software records inventory from multiple warehouses and outlets. It also has a POS (Point of Sale) system that records sales in a physical store, as well as an e-commerce website where customers can buy online. It tracks your Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

It can have multiple staff users/cashiers. It allows stock transfers from multiple warehouses. As the business owner, you can access the system even if you are not in your office.


Inventory Management

Automatic inventory adjustments are done by the POS system. If there is a purchase in the physical store, the inventory is adjusted. If there is a purchase online, the inventory is also adjusted.

Complete Online Store

Extend your market share through an online store with e-commerce where customers can browse your stocks and order using their computer or mobile phones. The online store is synchronized with the POS system inventory.

Transaction & Sales Reports

The POS + Ecommerce system keeps track of Profit and Loss, Sales, Returns, Purchases, Payments, Expenses, etc. You can literally run your business from home.

View Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable as well.

Offline Mode

There is an offline mode that is always available if your website store is down. The POS + E-commerce system will update everything and synchronize inventory once connection is back.

Regular Data Backup​

Your whole website and POS digital data are secured by regular backups. The downtime if ever, is insignificant.

Safe & Convenient Payments

You have the option to allow credit cards or cash in all sales transactions.

The POS+Ecommerce system records Purchases, Supplier Payments and Expenses.

What type of business is eligible?

Our POS + Ecommerce software supports multiple types of wholesale and retail business: pharmacy, grocery, restaurant, coffee shops, videoke bars, hotel/room for rent, hardware, supermarket, department store, meat shops, pizza etc.

For restaurants, the software syncs order between waiter’s mobile phone/PC and kitchen mobile phone/PC. The POS system supports multiple registers and all types of barcode scanner device.


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POS+Ecommerce Software Q&A

P18,880 one time setup fee–the cheapest full e-commerce + POS (Point of Sale) Cashiering + Inventory + Accounts Receivable + Accounts Payable in the Philippines!

We are based in Cagayan de Oro. But our work is remote in nature, so we can still serve customers all around the Philippines. In fact, we serve clients all around the world. Everything can be done through email/phone, so we can still have time for you.

Yes you need a computer or tablet for this. Additionally, the computer will control peripheral machines like barcode scanners, receipt printers, etc.

No, you don’t need an expensive POS machine. A tablet or PC will do.

No, you don’t need to buy barcode scanners and receipt printers if it does not fit your business. These machines are optional.

Yes. To synchronize the inventory between your online store and physical store, you need an internet connection. But if the connection is down, you can still use your POS system in offline mode.

If you don’t have an IT (Information Technology) employee, we suggest you avail of monthly retainer service of P2,888 per month (per 5 users), or a percentage of your sales. This covers website server hosting cost, data back-up and routine maintenance. If you have your own IT employee who can run your own e-commerce website server, then you don’t need us to maintain your system on a regular basis.

It is not advisable, unless you have your own IT staff to maintain it. But if cost is not a problem, of course you can.

Absolutely yes. Through phone, chat, text, email. If you want us to visit your physical store, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Yes. But your POS and the new e-commerce website will likely not be able to connect to each other.

Yes. The POS system can be upgraded to a POS+Ecommerce system if by any chance you will need an e-commerce website in the future.

One week. This can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. Once the setup is finished, we will give you access name and password and you can login using your computer or tablet.

What takes longer is the inputting of your products, which could take weeks depending on whether you have hundreds or thousands of products. Inputting of your products (called on-boarding) is not included in our pricing.

Installing the software can be done remotely, i.e. in our office. But if you prefer us to visit your physical store, arrangements can be made, and at your expense, depending on your location.

Yes, as safe and secure as any professional e-commerce system. Back-ups are taken on a weekly or daily basis as well. Back-ups can be restored in a matter of minutes.

Absolutely yes. If you have 3 stores in Davao City and 2 stores in Cagayan de Oro for example, they can use the same POS+Ecommerce system. As a result, all your inventory data are synchronized. All your sales data, purchasing and reports are all synchronized.

Absolutely yes.

Yes absolutely.

Training is provided through online tutorial and manual. If you can type and hold a computer mouse, you can do it.